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Park Investments Group is a well established multifaceted business conglomerate in Loera and the USA with diversified interest. The organization is now all set to leverage the invaluable xperience and the expertise of its years of operations in the real estate industry in these markets locally.

In the UAE, Park International Investments LLC has been specially established with the vision to create a specialized Real Estate the cycle investments company with focus on Standardisation, Brand Leverage and Operations management of projects. Project management, Development & investments, combining a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver excellent personalised results.

The Park success has come from a total dedication to serving our clients needs and ensuring the best outcome is achieved.

We recognise that customer and investor's property is of great value, so we trust that they take comfort in the fact that when one deals with Park, one is dealing directlyh with our experienced realtors who brings results-driven insights to empower one's decisions. We have a vested interest in the success of your inestments and take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Commitment

A Specialist Team with a total dedication to serving your needs.

We have a dedicated team managing all aspects of our Real Estate investments. When you deal with Park, you deal with a specialised team ensuring the best possible service and outcomes for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The escrow account is the bank's account of the project in which amounts collected from buyers of off-plan properties are deposited or amount by project's financers. The escrow account aim is to regulate the functioning of the construction process of units sold off-plan, thus safeguarding the rights of investors. The law applies to all developers in Dubai without any exception who sell properties off-plan in Dubai and in return they receive payments from the buyers or financers.

The law applies to all developers in Dubai without any exception who sell properties off-plan in Dubai and in return they receive payments from buyers or financers.

The law applies to all projects selling pff-plan either before after the law. The law givers a period of 6 months since its release for all developers to adjust their situation in accordance with Law No E/2007 concerning real estate escrow account.

The written agreement between the develop and the account trustee contains details of the main phases of construction required for releasing certain amount from the escrow account. The projets manager working for the developer will inform the account trustee about comjpleting a certain major hpase, and will submit a requst to make payment to service providers. The responsible engineer of the trustee side will visit and audit the project and to confirm that the major construction phase mentioned has been completed. Once this is done, the account trustee is entitled to pay the ndeeded payment to service providers form the escrow account.

As a general rule, the amounts can only be paid from the escrow account to make payments for the land, contractors, consultants and marketing related to the project. Not all expenses incurred by the develop on the project are eligible to be paid from the escrow account. For example, a 5% only of total sales can be used for marketing the project.

A bank or financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to receive deposits of others and operating in Dubai can serve as account trustee. This bank or institution, must be accredited by RERA and must sign a written agreement with RERA stating the terms and conditions of managing escrow accounts.

The escrow account must be opened bearing the name of the project, and it must be utilized for purposes related to developer of the project. The amount deposited in the account can't be seized on behalf of the developer's creditors

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